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Special Beaches

Lanzarote boasts some truly spectacular beaches and, refreshingly, they are not all lined-up with sun beds and parasols as far as the eye can see.   IF you are looking for something a little out of the ordinary when you pack your towel and sun cream into your beach bag, look no further...These beaches are  located in a protected natural park in Los Ajaches, access to the park has a cost of 3 Euros per car. (price correct at 1 May 2010)

Soft, sandy beach with calm, blue waters

Papagayo is thought by many people to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Spain and it really is worth visiting despite the difficult journey. There is quite a steep slope to negotiate down to the beach itself so leave buggies behind. Also, there are no shops or restaurants at all so pack some sandwiches and cold drinks if you want to make a day of it.

Papagayo is a bay enclosed by rocky cliffs that jut out into the sea. The beach is totally un-spoilt and undeveloped so you are seeing nature at its best here. The waters are incredibly inviting and, though you may not venture back once you have seen it because of its tricky location, you will never forget it. This is the sort of scenery postcards are made of so be sure to have your camera with you.

Playo del Poze
Soft, sandy beach  - This I think is by far the best beach on the island

The beaches found in this areas are called Playas del Papagayo.

Playa del Pozo, is also known as Playa de la Cruz, a long beach and is located between the Beach Papagayo and Playa Mujeres. Playa del Pozo is the name of one of the four beaches listed in this sector, therefore, when you hear talking about Playa del Pozo, Playa de la Cera, Caletón San Marcial or Caletón Copper, then they will be talking about this very beach.

Playa del Pozo is a long beach of fine, white sand, it is next to the beach Papagayo one of the tourist attractions in Lanzarote, it is therefore a quite visited beach, especially in summer when many tourists come to the beaches of the protected natural park Los Ajaches to spend the day.

Playa del Pozo is a beach frequented by nature lovers, but formerly this was a nudist beach exclusively, today it is a mixed beach.

Playa Mujeres

This is an open beach, with fine, white sand. This beach, along with the others who are at the tip of Papagayo, have been transformed into one more of the tourist attractions in Lanzarote, for this reason it is a quite visited beach, especially in summer when many tourists come to the beaches to spend the day in the protected natural park area of Los Ajaches.

Word of warning

There are no life guards at these beaches nor are there any facilities.



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